• #157; Cab drivers

    Cab drivers. /kab/ˈdrīvər/

    1. A group of people with a career that consists of operating their own vehicle to transport people to and from one location to another. 2. Their age could range from early 20s to late 40s. 3. Best people ever. 

    They really deserve a category all for their own. If you go to Western, of the 90% of meetings with cab drivers, 80% of the time, someone in the car is intoxicated. They have to put up with happy drunks, confused drunks, nauseous drunks, you name it. But they always entertain, always strike up a conversation with you and by the end of the brief 15 minute ride, you know their life history, how old their kids are, and they’ve become less of a cab driver, but more of a friend. 

    Of course, there are the odd ones that are less than kind, but the really awesome ones definitely makes up for it. 

    Thanks cab drivers, for putting up with our drunken idiocy and immature ways, and always willing to entertain. 


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